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Blog > How to make cute little roses

  How to make cute little roses with silk ribbon   Hello stitching world, I hope you had a good weekend.... I have written a little tutorial for you today to help brighten up your week :)   Click on the image to enlarge       Sunny Roses   From chapter 13 in my book: "Di van Niekerk's Roses in silk and organza ribbon"   Use yellow 32mm ribbon no. 99 and trace one circular shape for each rose. The size of this shape is about 2.5cm (1”) in diameter.         Thread up with one strand of yellow thread and make a knot at the long end. Form a circle of short running stitches around the shape. The stitches should be about 3mm (⅛”) in length, worked 2mm (1/16”) away from the edge.             Pull gently to gather the thread. This will form a small ball.         From the back, insert needle into centre of the bubble. Pull needle and thread through and hold thread whilst trimming the frayed edges. Be careful not to cut the thread.         Flatten the bubble by pinching it between your thumb and index finger, shaping the edge with your fingertips. Make one or two stab stitches through the rose to hold the shape.         Place the rose on design and secure it with a stab stitch. Pull thread to tighten stitch so the rose scrunches up slightly. Make a few more stab stitches, pulling the thread to scrunch up the rose.             Form the yellow stamens with pistil stitch, wrapping the thread twice around your needle. Work from the centre outwards. To scrunch up the rose: insert needle into the ribbon and pull it inwards before piercing the fabric to form the pistil stitch.         To form a half-open rose: make stamens only on the part which rests on the fabric and pull the other half down towards the fabric by catching it with a small stitch or two....         Catch the underside of the rose: tuck in raw edge with a few stab stitches....          Repeat for the other roses. Use smaller circles for little roses.         Add stamens with French Knots, using one strand of brown thread. Wrap thread twice around the needle. Use same thread and make tiny stab stitches on the back of the rose to coax it into shape. Re-shape the roses with your fingertips and lift edges up and off the design.           The yellow and green roses in the picture above are the twirled ribbon roses and you could also learn how to make the cute little bird’s nest here.         You are welcome to subscribe to my blog and newsletter to stay in touch with new techniques and designs.   Have a good week  ^•^     Love   Di      
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