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Hi! My name is Di van Niekerk, the artist and designer behind Dicraft Embroidery. I am also a professional fibre arts instructor and author and have specialised in dimensional embroidery, ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. I love how these forms bring art to life.

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The Dicraft team carefully prepares and exports popular products, lessons and books for anyone wanting to learn how to do all kinds of creative embroidery like silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork, needle painting and thread work. We create specially prepared needlecraft kits and panels and a lovely range of hand-painted silk and organza ribbons for embroiderers, studios and shops all over the world.

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Here I share inspirational stories and free lessons in the form of tutorials and guides. I also share needlework tips, tricks and I teach stitches and techniques that you may find helpful. It is a great resource for any creative wanting to learn or find inspiration for their embroidery. See the Blog tab at the top of this page. Below are a few of my latest blog posts. Enjoy!

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Hint 8 by Di van Niekerk
Hints and tips by Di van Niekerk. Just about any thread can be used in ribbon embroidery, if you can thread it through the needle and bring in through the fabric.  Otherwise, couch it in place. Just check that the threads are colourfast before starting. Experiment with different threads to see how different the stitches appear when working with various thicknesses.
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Luciana Maluf and her Beautiful Mix of Brazilian and Ribbon Embroidery
Today I have a beauty to inspire you by a talented embroiderer from Brazil and her name is Luciana Maluf. Luciana wrote:
 I began with ribbon embroidery using the eBooks I’ve bought from your site: Floral Vista, A perfect world in ribbon embroidery and Silk Ribbon embroidery. I really loved them and felt so inspired! The embroidery stiches I also incorporate from your books: the fly stiches and loose French knots for the tree, the loop stich at the grass, the shadows.
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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Hint 7 by Di van Niekerk

To twist the ribbon, twirl the needle once, twice, or more, depending on how many twists you would like in the stitch. Here are some examples of where the ribbon was twisted repeatedly until a cylindrical shape was formed for the stems. Secured onto the design with tiny stab stitches and matching thread worked between the twisted sections of the ribbon. 

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery - What's New and More

Hi, hello from all of us at Dicraft in Cape Town. It's been a busy time with lots of creative projects going on in the background. A big thank you to all our customers for your orders, we are grateful for your support!

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Ribbon Embroidery... It's Good for the Soul!

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Use this hashtag to share your embroidery work on Instagram or Facebook. Others will be able to view it and we will be able to see your lovely pieces and share or feature them.

It can be anything Dicraft has inspired whether you have used my ribbons, designs, kits, books, lessons, tutorials or if we inspired any of your own pieces.

Looking forward to see your lovely work!

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Learn with Me

Learn from my website and blog, books, lessons and kits...

Learn how to create your very own masterpiece - the easy way. All of us at Dicraft enjoy creating for you to learn and to enjoy yourself too!


Letters received from our customers
We do so enjoy your feedback...

My order has arrived quicker than I get deliveries from U.K. shops! Many thanks. The organza ribbons are delicious colours. Thank you so much.

Lynn From Windsor, UK

07 March 2024 Oh wow, thankyou for the beautiful book you sent!!! I will try out some of the ribbon embroidery designs. It was quite a delight to receive more than I expected!! Thank-you and have a lovely evening.

Robyn from Gauteng in South Africa

I have received my parcel and can’t wait to start stitching. Your products are fabulous as always. Thank you so very very much for ALL the lovely gifts, what a wonderful surprise.

Teresa from Parys, South Africa

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