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STARGAZERS in Stumpwork and Needle Felting

A new kit for all levels of embroidery!

STARGAZERS in Stumpwork and Needle Felting


A wonderful project for all needlecrafters! 

Would you like to learn some new techniques? Would you like to make something for a special child or even for yourself?

Then this one is for you! Quick and easy, it doesn't take long to create this whimsical picture of two best friends looking at the stars. Stargazing.


Here I will teach you how to needle felt and how to make three-dimensional shapes (the easy way) with detailed photography and step-by-step instructions.



The original artwork was painted by the super-talented Cape Town artist, Janine Du Plessis of whimsicalstudio™®© and when I saw this piece, I was captivated, it reminded me so much of what life is really about. Being close to nature with a favourite companion - all the things that make life so meaningful.

I asked Janine to tell me more about her artwork and this is what she wrote:


“Thank you so much for choosing one of my artworks. I am so excited to see it come to life! I know you will create something beautiful. 


I created this drawing when my youngest nephew was born. They live in the UK, so I wanted to create an artwork for his bedroom that lets him know we are all under the same stars even though we are far away from each other. They live in London and have no garden so I thought I would draw him a doggie because they will probably not be able to ever have pets :)


My illustrations and children’s books always try to create that sense of wonder and awe regarding nature, especially the universe and stars! So, these two are talking about the stars and galaxies and limitless dreams.


One of the first illustrations I did when I started Whimsical Studio was named Stargazers! So, you chose the perfect name. 


I will chat to you again soon.”



Wouldn’t you like to make this piece for someone special in your life? It’s really easy to make and it’s not a large project. The size of this artwork is 20,3 x 22 cm (8 x 8.6 inches) printed in full colour on a larger pure cotton cloth to fit a 12-inch embroidery hoop.

The kit contains the following:


1. The pure heirloom cotton panel/print, in full colour - ready to embroider
size of the design is 20,3 x 22 cm or 8 x 8.6 inches
2. Stumpwork panel - another print in full colour on cotton voile of the little child and dog
3. Backing fabric - a soft cotton muslin
4. Woolly fibres, 13 hand-dyed and assorted shades.
5. Silky fibre in white
6. Cotton and silk threads - 7 skeins
7. White metallic thread for the highlights x 3 cards
8. Mother of Pearl shades #15 Miyuki beads x large 3-gram packet for the stars
9. John James Needles- Embroidery 5/10
10. Step-by-step instructions with detailed photography (full colour) in e-book format
for you to download and use on all your devices
11. Printed colour picture (larger than actual size) and a copy of the original numbered diagram to use as a guide
12. Felting needles x 2 and a sheet of water-soluble fabric with notes on how to make your own anti-fray agent


Note: you will receive woolly fibres in various shades of brown to make the little arm in skin colour to suit the person you will be making it for, and I will tell you how to make a little boy or a girl.


Enjoy! I would love to see your creation when you have finished!


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