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Needles: Multipurpose Needle Pack
Multipurpose Needle Pack 
★★★★★  Have you heard about our very popular and useful NEEDLE PACK for Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork?
In this pack, we include all the needles you will need for any kind of ribbon embroidery, creative embroidery and stumpwork.
This pack contains:
    • Chenille needles size 16 needle pack – six needles in a pack...  this is the needle to use for 13mm silk ribbon and 15mm organza ribbon
    • Chenille needles: mixed pack of size 18, 20, 22, 24... these are the needles to use for silk ribbon embroidery and there are six needles in this pack.

    • Dolls or soft sculpture needles, used in the RES book and the DVD series. Useful for making leaves in Picot stitch. 2 needles in the pack.

    • Crewel/embroidery needles – mixed pack: Embroidery needles are sharp, fine needles with a long, large eye. In this pack, you will find sizes 5 (thick) to 10 (thin) and there are sixteen needles in the pack.

    • Straw/milliners needle – a long sharp needle with a small eye.  (The eye is no wider than the shaft) This is the only needle to use for Bullion knots – the wraps slip off the needle easily as the eye is not too wide. In this mixed pack of size 3/9 or 5/10 needles, the largest is a size 3 or 5, which is useful when working with perlé thread.

    • Tapestry needle size 13 or 14 – a very thick needle with a large eye and a blunt point. This large size 13 or a 14 tapestry needle comes one or two in a pack and it is a good choice for working over when forming loose/puffed ribbon stitches.

    • Beading needles size 10-13: a long, thin needle that fits easily into the eye of the smallest bead. There are six needles in a pack.
The name of John James is still recognised by needle crafters around the globe and is renowned for its quality and reliability.
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