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  a beautiful kit for all silk ribbon embroidery fans.


A beautiful new landscape in kit form has been released and it's on special for a short time while stocks last!
The kit contains everything that you need to create your masterpiece!
This beautiful kit contains the following:
A3 panel- English Cottage printed in full colour onto heirloom cotton fabric, ready to embroider.
Soft Cotton Muslin/Voile Backing 60 x 60 cm
Needle packs - Straw 3/9,  Embroidery 5/10 and Chenille 18/24  =  3 packets of needles
Silk Ribbons-Di van Niekerk's handpainted ribbons
Total: 32 packets of silk ribbon to guarantee you a masterpiece!

Threads-Maxi Mouline, DMC Variegated and Chameleon threads

Total: 25 skeins of beautiful threads- there will be lots left over for other projects.

Instruction sheets and colour pictures with detailed photography x 3 large sheets.
You will learn how to make a thatch roof, the easy way...


How to make reeds and flowers along the water's edge...

How to add texture and colour...

How to make the little cottage roof...

Pine trees...

the thatch roof...

Embroidered by Emma Kriegler from Cape Town for Di van Niekerk. 
A most enjoyable project. Enjoy!
The friend for this lovely project can be found here.

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