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Box Full of Lessons 14 (Pot Of White Cosmos) Kit

Beautiful NEW! 

Box Full of Lessons 14, Pot of White Cosmos  
We have launched another lovely project ♫♥♫♥♫ ideal for the beginner to silk ribbon embroidery and a delight for the advanced embroiderer too!  
The embroidery panel for Box 14…. Click on the image to enlarge  


BFOL14 A Pot of White Cosmos


and what you will learn to make, step-by-step, in Box Full of Lessons 14  

2 Close-up detail White Cosmos       T


The step-by-step instructions (written by Di van Niekerk) and detailed photography will teach you how to make a gorgeous three-dimensional pot of life-like Cosmos stems, buds, flowers, and leaves.

You will learn how to create a fabulous richly textured pot from leather (included in the kit) and how to fill it with beautiful moss – a lovely trick to learn for future projects!  


Close-up detail White Cosmos  

Easy to make and the close-up photographs will teach you step-by-step in close-up detail…  


detailed step-by-step photography to guide you well

The completed piece…  

suitable for the beginner to this art form!


    Box 14 by Di van Niekerk


This beautiful new kit contains:  
1. The embroidery panel with the image in full colour, which is approximately 15 cm x 13 cm / 6" x 5", printed onto a large 100% cotton (heirloom quality) cloth – ready to embroider.

Note: This is a small design that measures 15 cm x 13 cm / 6" x 5" so it does not take long to make.

PLUS, you will receive an extra piece of linen fabric in a soft neutral tone for you to trace the line drawing provided. This is in case you prefer to work on a soft, natural shade of linen fabric. This way you will have two different backgrounds to choose from in your kit.


Linen fabric and line drawing for those who prefer        


2. The step-by-step lessons are in full colour, written by Di van Niekerk, with close-up photography on every page. This you will receive on a CD so you can zoom in on the photos in close detail. If you do not have a CD slot, let us know and we will send you the downloadable lesson or we can print the book for you. 
3. Detailed colour pictures of the embroidered design will guide you well.  
4. The stitch diagrams
5. Soft backing fabric the same size as the printed panel (free gift).


  Linen and backing fabric

 woolly fibres


Plus   All the beautiful ribbons  

9 packets of ribbon from Di van Niekerk’s beautiful range:  
2 mm x 1 packet (3 metres/yards) silk ribbon
4 mm x 2 packets (6 metres/yards) silk ribbon
7 mm x 3 packets (6 metres/yards) silk ribbon
13 mm x 2 packets (2 metres/yards) silk ribbon
3 mm x 1 packet (3 metres/yards) organza ribbon  
9 packets of gorgeous shades of silk ribbon
20 metres/yards of silk ribbon to guarantee you a masterpiece    
Plus   All the beautiful threads  
7 skeins of DMC or Maxi Mouline six-strand cotton  
Total of 7 skeins of thread  

PLUS   7 colours x wool and silk fibre (in two packets) to add an interesting texture
3 pieces of yarn for the stems and the moss


Needles: Chenille, Crewel/Embroidery, Quilting/Betweens, Glovers and Tapestry needles  
PLUS A piece of leather for the pot
and A blue water-soluble pen in case you would like to use the line drawing and linen fabric.
This carefully prepared kit will bring countless hours of joy and is ideal for all levels of expertise, from the beginner to the advanced.    
Box Full of Lessons 14 (Pot Of White Cosmos) is a lovely project – perfect for every embroiderer!    
♫♥♫♥♫ there will be lots of threads and ribbons left to use in another project       
Enjoy…. I would love to see your photos of this lovely design



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