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10. eBook in silk ribbon embroidery – a collaboration of artists

Silk Ribbon Embroidery - a collaboration of artists from around the world
eBook in silk ribbon embroidery – a collaboration of artists from around the world


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About the book
Author of 10 embroidery books, Di van Niekerk is a world-renowned silk ribbon and fibre artist.
Every year or two she holds an International Silk Ribbon Embroidery competition. In doing so, selected designs are chosen from her range of panels which are available from her stockists worldwide and from her website. Embroiderers are invited to stitch them using her range of hand-painted silk and organza ribbons, employing their own ideas and techniques using any choice of thread, wool, fibre (or anything else) to add to their creation.
This book features exquisite pieces by the winners of the 2012 competition.
Showcasing the work of silk ribbon artists from all over the world, it is an international collaboration of exquisite talent and skill.
Intended to inspire, rather than instruct, this is a book to dip into for ideas.  One that will take you forward and show you that just about anything is possible.
It is a valuable addition to the silk ribbon embroiderer's library.
Foreword by Hazel Blomkamp – author and designer
It does not matter where in the world you live in.   The value, inspiration and sheer pleasure gained from looking at the embroidery done by stitchers in far-flung countries is immeasurable.   Needlecraft techniques are more or less the same the world over.   It is the style that is different and, in so many ways, reflects the personality of the country that you are in.
From the soft colours used by Australians, to the whimsical nature of Ukrainian crafts, the definitive design of the Russians, or the sheer elegance of French embroidery, artists are inspired by their heritage, their culture and the environment in which they live.
By combining the work of silk ribbon artists from all over the world, this book is multi-cultural and inspirational.  Each of the designs appears more than once and it is fascinating, in each case, to see how the different artists have interpreted what they had to work with.
All wrought with skill, the work of the 2012 Di van Niekerk Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition winners that are featured in this book will inspire your own silk ribbon embroidery.  It will give you the confidence to try things in your own way, tempting you onto greater works.  Because it is not an instructional book, it does not dictate.  Instead, it will encourage you to take your own path towards satisfaction in your silk ribbon embroidery.
The cover:  the front and back of the book.... click on the image to enlarge
I would like to congratulate every artist featured in this book. Thank you for the love you put into your creation and thank you for sharing your talent with embroiderers across the world. We salute you all  ♥ 
May this book be an inspiration to all who love to create with needle, thread and ribbon!
Di van Niekerk

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