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Box Full of Lessons 12B - The Blue Hussif (handy-hold-all) KIT

The new kit is back in stock!

A Beautiful kit in the best-selling Box Full of Lessons series
Silk Ribbon Flowers on hand-felted backgrounds 
A ROSE HUSSIF or Handy-Hold-All
Learn how to make gorgeous three-dimensional roses on a rich and textured hand-felted background.
The background is handmade from African wool and mohair and rich silk fibres have been added for lustrous effects.
Learn all the secrets of how to make a successful masterpiece using silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork techniques.
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Size of the completed Hussif: approximately 51 x 27 cm (20 x 10.6 inches) open and 17 x 25 cm (6.7 x 10 inches) when closed.
I turned my Hussif into a holder for my ribbons but you are welcome to add pockets or zippers for scissors, threads and needles, turn it into a jewellery case, or any holder you would like to keep your precious things in.
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Included in the kit is the lesson which I have written step-by step with clear and detailed photographs to guide you all along the way.
The lesson (box Full of Lessons 12) is supplied on a CD for you to read on your computer or iPad or you could print the lesson in full colour to make a book. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced - everyone welcome
The felted Hussif kit contains:
The sizeable kit for this workshop includes the “Felted Rose sampler” pattern in full colour. Plus
1) Handmade (each piece is unique) felted background in rich shades of beautiful blue: approximately 51 x 27 cm (20 x 10.6 inches)
2) White or blue organza fabric which will be the supporting fabric 47 x 47 cm (18.5 x 18.5 inches)
3) Blue hand-painted felt larger than blue felt above which forms the lining of the Hussif
4) 4 skeins of Rajmahal Art. Silk and Maxi Mouline cotton thread
5) 3 x coloured bamboo, silk mohair and bouclé yarn
6) Woolly fibre to form the shadows
7) Glass Bugle beads
8) 12 packets of Di van Niekerk’s hand-painted pure silk ribbons as follows: 1 x 7mm silk ribbon, 5 x 32mm silk ribbon, 6 x 13mm silk ribbon
9) 5 different packs of needles
10) Step-by-step CD which contains Box Full of Lessons no. 12
11) Colour pictures of the completed piece to guide you as you work
Please note, this is the Box Full of Lessons series and it contains a CD with step-by-step instructions. If you have the felting book and do not need the CD, you can order the kit here.
PS. This kit would also make a lovely gift for someone special in your life ~ ♥ ~

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