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Creative Threads and Yarns for Embroidery – SET 1

Creative Threads and Yarns for Embroidery (SET 1).   

Unlock your creativity with this lovely collection of threads and yarns to create an interesting texture in the background. Useful for making tree trunks and branches, stems and pathways, whatever takes your fancy.
Couch or stitch in place with matching thread and tiny stay stitches. In this pack, you will find more than 9 different textures, in one creative pack.

See how similar threads and yarns were used to make the trees and branches in Swan Cottage?
Swan Cottage - the Complete Kit
and Tranquil Waters...
Tranquil Waters A4 (Medium) embroidery panel, ready to embroider
It saves a lot of time as the yarns fill up the detail quicker than embroidery stitches would.
Have a look here for more choices of gorgeous threads and things.

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